Roof Cleaning Procedure

It is now very evident that when it comes to roof cleaning pressure washing is not that popular in comparison to Soft washing. Using a soft pressure technique is very good procedure to clean you roof. It involves low pressure cleaning that will guarantee remove all mildew and organic stain.

What is soft pressure to of cleaning process?

The soft pressure roof cleaning process involves removal of all type of mildew and organic stain from your roof at the application of low pressure and it also prevents this organic stain and mildew from growing back again. No only this low pressure cleaning is recommended for vinyl standing, roofs, bricks, driveways, sideways and many other surfaces. In case of roof cleaning if you opt for high pressure cleaning then those mildew and organic matter can still stay alive and it will again continue to grow back. This is also low in costing, it increases effectiveness of cleaning and it also reduces the frequency requirement of cleaning. Go to this page to know more

If you are hiring a roof cleaning agency make sure they check the following criteria:-

  • They should be insured with WCB that will protect you and the workers from any type of accident that might occur.
  • Safety is the key factor in this type of works. To ensure a safe working environment make sure that the service providers are using safe gears. It is very important to use safe gears while working in the rooftop also while spraying of cleaning chemicals it is recommended to wear approved respirators.
  • It is recommended that you hire such a service facility that provides low pressure cleaning instead of high pressure cleaning using a detergent that can clean all type of mildew and organic stains from your roof and this method also prevent these bacteria from growing again in the roof.
  • Different cleaning services provide different methods so it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you and hire that facility. The most common work procedure that is followed by maximum roof cleaning agencies is the use of bio degradable roof detergents that is suitable for low pressure roof cleaning.

How to clean moss from the roof?

Moss growth on your roof top can cause damage and it also reduces the longevity of the surfaces that are dirty and creates a costly repair. It is possible to keep moss and algae from you’re the surface of your rooftop if you have professionals hired to clean your roof for every five years. You can spot for moss and algae in the surface if you spot black stains on your roof. The main reasons for these black stains are black algae which are also known as Gloeocapsa Magma and green algae.

If algae is not removed or treated for a longer period of time then it might grow in many areas and thus will retain water which will allow the growth of moss. So roof tops needs to clear frequently.

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